Code as documentation

You often read about the value of code comments and good meaningful variable/method/object names. Yet sometimes when your coding your under presume to release a patch, or you think to yourself who wouldn’t understand this code it’s so beautifully laid out and formatted.

Today I fell victim to my own beautifully laid out and formatted code. Yikes!

 and left(accno, 1) in ( '2', '3', '4', '5', '9' ) 

I’m sure at the time I was very familiar with why accounts that started in that range were important but a few months on I cannot remember.

From this day forth I promise to do Code as Documentation mum!

Simple load testing for Rails apps

If your looking for a really quick and easy way to load test a deployed Rails app you can’t get much simpler than Apaches ab tool.

To load test public pages just use

ab -n100 -c5 -t10

-n requests Number of requests to perform
-c concurrency Number of multiple requests to make
-t timelimit Seconds to max. wait for responses

To load test secured pages you will need pass cookie information

ab -n100 -c5 -t10 -C identifier=cookie

Getting the cookie details using Chrome is really easy.

1. Login to the secured area

2. Find the request in Developer Tools => Network

3. Look for the cookie details in the response headers

Happy load testing!

South African Ruby and Ruby on Rails job portal

Earlier this week myself in collaboration with Shuntyard Technologies launched the domain. This has been an idea I had floating around for a while and I’m glad it’s finally seen the light of day. This portal serves the local Ruby and Ruby on Rails community and it is my hope that job seekers and business’s requiring work will use the site and help it grow into something useful.

If there any missing features just pop me a mail and we can look at adding it.