Code as documentation

You often read about the value of code comments and good meaningful variable/method/object names. Yet sometimes when your coding your under presume to release a patch, or you think to yourself who wouldn’t understand this code it’s so beautifully laid out and formatted.

Today I fell victim to my own beautifully laid out and formatted code. Yikes!

 and left(accno, 1) in ( '2', '3', '4', '5', '9' ) 

I’m sure at the time I was very familiar with why accounts that started in that range were important but a few months on I cannot remember.

From this day forth I promise to do Code as Documentation mum!

Make sure you start off right

I’m busy trying to create my first ruby library, a jasperserver web services client, after not finding anything suitable out there. Since I’m not that strong on the ruby front I’ve started by “copying” another library.  What I have realized, and it something that exists allot in other environments like microsoft dev, is the proliferation of bad code out there.  So make sure your “learning” project is based on something decent else you gonna be bad and produce more bad when somebody repeats what you’ve done.